Mission – Purposefully working student organization that serves students’ interests, solves questions relevant to them, and initiates healthy changes.

Vision – Active, critically and constructively thinking KU community, seeking higher quality studies.

Values: 1. Academicity 2. Openness 3. Responsibility 4. Unity 5. Continuity of activity

Klaipėda University Student Union (KUSS/Klaipėdos Universiteto studentų sąjunga) – it is a non-profit, apolitical student union unifying Klaipėda University’s students which encourages academic communities’ unity, involvement in relevant activities, heightening of the cultural level. It was brought to life in 1994. Currently the organization links together over 100 real members and over 200 KUSS alumni.

KUSS – open, innovative and always improving organization. Ateik! Žinok! Pasitikėk! Kilk Ugdydamas Save, Studente! Come! Know! Trust! Rise Educating Yourself, Student!

More information about KUSS – on our Facebook account – “Klaipėdos universiteto studentų sąjunga” and on Instagram – “mes.kuss”