1. How can I become a true KUSS member?
    All you must do is write a request. The application can be written at your faculty student representative office or at KUSS central bureau. It is advisable to contact in advance. Contacts can be found on this website, you can also write us through our social networks. Our Facebook account – “Klaipėdos universiteto studentų sąjunga” and Instagram – “mes.kuss”.
  2. Can I become a true KUSS member only through the admission of new members?
    Definitely not. You can become a true member at any time by filling out an application.
  3. What are the benefits of being a member of KUSS?
    As a true member of KUSS you have an opportunity to connect with many new people, find a lot of new friends, and, of course, improve. You improve by raising your competencies by participating in various training. In addition, KUSS provides an opportunity to connect not only with KU, but also with other higher education institutions in Lithuania because it has close relations with them.
  4. Regarding what questions can I contact KUSS?
    We can be contacted with any questions. Ranging from social, academic processes to self-realization.
  5. Where is KUSS central bureau?
    KUSS Central Office is located at 403a, Faculty of Marine Technology and Natural Sciences, Klaipėda University, Herkaus Manto str. 84, Klaipėda.