Youth affairs council

It is a collegial organ operating on a public basis working under the Klaipėda city municipal council, which has the status of a standing committee and is formed for the term of the council.
Its goals are:
1) to assist the implementation of municipal functions regarding youth policy provided for in the Republic of Lithuania Law on Youth Policy and other according to legal acts in co-operation with Klaipėda municipal administration’s youth affairs coordinator;
2) to coordinate the implementation of municipal youth policy;
3) to ensure the participation of youth in solving the issues of the municipal youth policy;
4) to reinforce the co-operation between municipal institutions and youth organizations.

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It is a platform for recent youth initiatives, social, civil, cultural projects. It is an opportunity to transform, to involve youth to participate actively in the city life, to empower it in shaping youth policy, to present the city in an international context, and to strengthen the identity of Europe’s youth.

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