Lithuanian Students’ Union (Lietuvos Studentų Sąjunga, also referred to as LSS)

Lithuanian Students’ Union is a national, democratic, independent, and non-governmental organization representing the interests of Lithuanian students, unifying universities’ student councils in which KUSS is a part as well.

Lithuanian Students’ Union represents Lithuanian students and protects them at the national level. To fulfill this mission the union is organizing events and activities. In this way the aim is also to draw the public’s attention to the existing issues, to create and improve education, and to encourage partnership between students and the entire academic community.

The organization establishes and strengthens contacts with decision-making and implementation government institutions, also other organizations regarding Lithuanian and international youth, students, pupils, and educational institutions.

This Union creates and establishes projects aimed at improving student academic and social situations, organizes training, seminars, forums, and provides consultations to members of universities’ student unions.

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