Studentų sąjunga veikia skėtiniu principu, kurį sudaro: Centrinis biuras, Fakultetinės studentų atstovybės.


  • KUSS Central bureau – currently situated in 403rd auditory in JTGMF (Sea technology and natural science faculty), Herkaus Manto street 84. It deals with the wider solution of KU and KUSS problems – constantly working along with University’s administration, KU students are made to represent Klaipėda city and spread the word on the level of the whole of Lithuania. It also arranges LSP (Lithuania’s student pass), connects with social partners. The central bureau is formed by the president of KUSS chosen during the KUSS conference.
  • Every faculty has an autonomously working student representatives (FSA). It deals with problems specific to the faculty, spreads relevant information, organizes faculty’s events. FSA activity is led by the FSA Chairman and Vice-Chairman who are chosen during the general meeting of academic groups’ leaders.



Everything begins with students of KU. Academic groups must choose their leaders who represent them during the general meetings.

General meeting of academic groups’ leaders’ functions:

  • Delegating 14 individuals to the KUSS Conference;
  • To elect the FSA Chairman and to approve the FSA Vice-Chairman.

KUSS Management organs:

  • KUSS Conference is the highest governing body of KUSS which elects the President of KUSS and the commission of Revision.
  • The President is a single-person governing body who forms the central bureau, coordinates the work of presidium and leads the activities of KUSS.
  • KUSS Council makes important decisions for the Union and consists of the FSA Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen, the KUSS President and one person from the presidium.

Revision Commission – it is a separate KUSS governing body supervising the organization’s clarity.